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Contact our Sales Staff to plan your Bourbon Street Party. From Bourbon Street Balconies to French Quarter Courtyards and Live New Orleans Music, we have something for everyone! Our Bourbon Street Balcony offers the authentic Mardi Gras Party 365 days a year. Call us for corporate events, cocktail receptions, wedding receptions, rehearsal and after parties and any other celebrations for the quintessential New Orleans Experience!

If use YAHOO or ROCKETMAIL or if you do not receive a response within 8 hours please email sharon@bourbonsbest.com directly for an immediate response.

Sharon Hart

Director of Event Sales



Leesa Rumore

Event Sales



Contact The Swamp about private parties and events. We can plan your Mardi Gras Balcony party to your Saints Game party on World Famous Bourbon Street! Come be where the action is before, during and after the Saints game! Bourbon Street Balconies to French Quarter Courtyards, we have the Bourbon Street Party you are looking to host! Celebrate our Champions, the New Orleans Saints, with your fellow fans and help us host our opposing teams guests!

Your next Bourbon Street Party should be the experience of a lifetime.  Contact The Swamp and let party planners assist you in making any party, fundraiser, reunion, conference or special event even better by helping you plan the event to fit your specific needs. Our Event Planners have years of experience planning meetings and events, transportation and all the logistics needed to create great events.  We know how many people can fit in which space and how many beverages or alcohol you are going to consume in an hour based on how many people you have.  You give us your information and we will handle the details.  We will help you create a great event your employees will love AND stay within budget.

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